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Meet Your Bartenders now and then!

bigH- email Bubba
aka: "Bubba". Bubba's got his wings dusted off and he's ready to fly high with you at this year's party. Whether he's workin' the bar or the post, he'll make sure you're seeing stars day and night.

aka: "RicoSuave", "Coitus", "Skipper", "Nepenthe". Descendant of EL Chupacabra funsters and switched from goats to Earth women. Voted "All Galaxy Bushtrimmer" on Planet Luna. Licensed Cosmixoligist, Master Spanker and regional leader of the "Anti Drum Circle Movement". Currently searching for "trophy wife of the week". Lost his pilot wings when caught with commander's daughter performing puberty inversion...Known to frequent "Pinkys".

If you've been to the Lounge for a few years, you know "Swamp" -- well, maybe not by that name. Stop by and let Swamp serve you up a little Playa Passion along with whatever he's pourin'.

Aqua Velvet-
aka: "Cowgirl". Aqua is one of the crazy bunch you'll see when you stay up late enough at our "dusk 'till dawn" bar to see the sun come up and chances are she'll be right there offering you a "Sunrise Slammer". Though Aqua Velvet has been known to sleep through the after burn parties - she promises not to miss them this year.

Sister Rosie-
Sister Rosie was sent to the nunery at an early age after she was discovered in flagrante delicto with the Parish Priest. Consequently, she was kept under lock and key -- chastity belt. Now, she wanders the Playa, looking for salvation...If you're lucky, you'll be treated to one of her "specialties", massage and a whippin', it's sure to get you both, hollerin' for salvation.

Robben d'Cradle-
Robben, although still technically under house arrest from last year's 'incident', is joining us for another year at SLL. Robben pours as well as dances a mean Watusi. He's another late nighter and the sun coming up doesn't mean "stop having fun" to this newly chartered Rocket Ranger! You'll recognize Robben by his fiery sunglasses and slightly askew fez.

You know if you build him a piano, the Player will follow, and that's just what happened. The celebrated musical director and co-creator of Sassy's. When he's off the keys, he'll be more than willing to whet your whistle and share some insightful ways to improve things here on our planet.

Our Alien Recruitment Program finally came thru and we were able to abscond with a treasure from Pinky's, Sassy. Namesake and magical hostess. Order up a Sassyfrass, her own concoction of liquor and love served with that heavenly smile and you'll be transported to your own little piece of heaven.

On temporary loan from Astral Head Wash, Tara is an old friend from the early days of the 'Lust. She knows where ALL the goodies are kept and if you sweet talk her she'll share some with ya.

aka: "MerManda", "yo bi0tch". Manda stumbled across the StarLust boys in 1999 and never found her way home. Expert BarBitch and early morning 'tender, you'll keep her happy with good stories, weird doodads and friendly smiles.

aka: "Goggles". Manipulator of our web, he's only been with the Lounge for a few years, but can still pull you a mean Playa Punch. Though he's been on the Playa for years, he'll never attain "Veteran" status.

Tonka Joe Schebadoo-
aka: "Jacque de Pussy", "Joe Blowfish", "Joey Joe Joe Jr". Tonka Joe is the hardest workin' tender you'll ever meet. He'll do just about anything to make sure you have the best dang time at the bar. He's also a great playa surfer, skier and skater. Ask Tonka to show you what he can do with duct tape, it's unbelievable.

Raised by she-wolves in Orange County, which explains why his favorite cocktail is a fine anejo with a wolf milk back, yuuummy! He plays a mean real and air guitar and has an infectious laugh that you can hear across the playa. He recently acquired his Cosmixologist certification and he went right to work creating a batch of Thor's Thunder.

An ex-pat of the "Lazy Equine Camp", Horse is also a fugitive from the planet SowCow after being caught in flagrante delicto with a dairymaid. In 1997, voted "Most Likely To Bruise Milky White Skin With a Riding Crop" on the planet LeatherLatex (of all places). Riding a wave of euphoria that same year, Horse landed in Black Rock and discovered the StarLust Tribe mixing cosmic punch under a canopy, which looked eerily like a watermelon teat. Is known to have issues with vegetables that describe an action; like squash and cumquat.

We found Jill on our way here while we were refueling in the Love Galaxy. Never been on a spaceship, never been to this playa. Every camp needs a virgin and you know StarLust ain't gonna miss out on that! Jill will be bringin' a purity to this camp we ain't seen in years. She'll be on tap to give you a fresh take on this whole barter bar experince. Make her feel welcome and she'll do the same for you.

Bev's been tending bar longer than all of us put together, she's the Mac Momma. She's loves it so much she has her own place, the Miners Club in Gerlach. None of this 'one week' amateur stuff. Since she works at it all year, she's very picky at who she's gonna serve out on the playa and if you're the lucky one, relax and enjoy the ride.

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